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Apexis is a high-tech company specializing in manufacturing ip cameras.supply ip camera,network camera,surveillance camera,wireless ip camera,wireless webcam,security ip camera and so on,Welcome to buy!
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Obey the state laws and regulations

1. The message you leave must obey relevant state laws and regulations, not to release illegal messages,and your actions bear all the civil and criminal liability.

2. Please respect network moral,not to leave foul language, not to infringe on other’s rights and privacy .


Protect personal privacy

Apexis website ’s promision to the people who leave messages

1. We will protect your privacy ,and make sure the security of your personal and corperate information .

2. We only use the informations we collected to provide relevant service and make it convenient to contact with you .

3. We only use your informatons under your permission.

4. Our website will take measures to make sure the registered user’s informations, The more important is, without your permission we won’t desclose it to the third party .if your information lost in the cause of yourswlf ,we won’t bear any liability .


Apexis will never sell or disclose your personal information ,except it would content your service demand ,we will not sell or share your personal information with the third party , at the same time ,we ask all our staffs to protect it ,except the following conditions:

1. Requirement of providing personal information to reletant law enforcement agencies or for the public purpose.

2. If you tell your cipher to others or share your registered account with others ,it may lead your personal information lost .

3. The impact of force majeure in the normal management of network ,like the hicker attack ,computr virus invasion or outbreak and  temporarily closed.

4. The personal information be disclosed ,lost ,stolen or forged in the government supervision.


Our website’s public message description

1. The praise,support,advice to our company and products.

2. New findings and questions encontered when you use our company’s products,which may help other users.

3. The other messages our website thinks reasonabale .


Message opened principle

The message our website opened only display the name ,message time and message content ,the telephone number and e-mail would not be displayed .


Complaints handling

If there are some messages you would not like to be opened ,please contact us or leave messages on our website derectly .

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July 5, 2011
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