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Kindergarten video surveillance camera for people using the network layout

    First, the network camera Overview

    Nursery characteristics of the network monitoring system, according to the advantages of network personal computers (PCs) Co., Ltd. network cameras, the nursery image based on network network camera network monitoring system solutions. The main principle is: the network of people camera arrangement of a number of network cable and routing network cameras and people through the network's flagship software to view real-time surveillance video to the formation of every corner to see the video surveillance system. The network people network camera user can also directly on the Internet to watch the surveillance video observation image, users can also control the camera pan and tilt the lens around 320 degrees, 120 degrees adjustment up or down. Video compression integrated into a small device can be connected directly into the Internet to achieve the plug to see, and to cut the cables of a variety of complex, easy to install (just set up an IP address), the user's use of simple, only the operating software.

    With the continually increasing demands from parents on campus safety and the safety of the children in the study period has become every parent in the choice of campus a prerequisite. Give your child a safe learning, living and entertainment environment, you can relieve the worries of parents, reduce the mental burden of the parents. Kindergarten network monitoring system solutions not only ensure the safety of the children, but also enhance the image of the campus, leaving the parents at ease!

    Second, network network camera system program

    In our kindergarten digital surveillance systems, remote and local combined, as you build the most cost-effective nursery monitoring system.

    Network Series Network Camera series network cameras can each monitoring area of ​​video images through the network for transmission to the monitoring center, and then transmitted over the network. Network Series Network Camera is a dual-channel through the network real-time transmission of high-definition digital images and audio equipment. Series of network cameras network of people can be sent simultaneously over a LAN or the Internet and at the same time support the remote control and two-way audio channels, so you can listen to the distant sound in real time. Through the analysis of the system, combined with the characteristics of our products, product selection of a series of network cameras network of people, each monitoring area of ​​the video image can be transmitted through the LAN or INTERNET.

    Third, the system design principles

    Kindergarten network to monitor the overall goal of building the system functions, and technical performance indicators, the program to meet the practical application as a starting point, use of existing communication networks in order to minimize system cost in terms of video transmission. System design principles are as follows:

    System stability and reliability; selected hardware are made of advanced, mature, reliable product, and have a good running performance.

    System advanced; using the most advanced combination of hardware and software, system compatibility, upgrade, expand more easily, simplify and take the module structure maintenance.

    Ease and real-time systems; all operations using the WINDOWS standard window operations, and signal real-time upload, truly real-time.

    Maintenance-free; modular, hierarchical design basic system maintenance-free.

    Network people network camera systems network architecture

    Remote video monitoring system based on the series of network cameras network of people, there is no limit for the number included in the monitoring range, mainly depending on the application environment, network conditions, so basically the size of the system can be defined under the range size of the free combination. At the same time, the system can be multi-level networking and the formation of large-scale monitoring network.

    Fourth, the system functions and characteristics

    1, stable and reliable performance, no special management

    2, easy to install, simple to use

    3, the image is clear and low bandwidth

    4, high-performance systems with virtually unlimited ability to seamlessly expand

    5, composed of a very large network of monitoring

    6, network remote video monitoring system maintenance and system management

    7, using a distributed installation structure

    To improve the quality of teaching and management level

    9 summary growth data through the network the network of cameras

    10, to strengthen the teaching exchange

    11, adding to the means of publicity, highlighting the school strength

    12, the campus radio function

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